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  • Callum Mackay
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    Published author of fantasy/sci-fi as well as erotica, have created stories and concepts for board games, video games and tabletop rpg's. Excellent skills in character creation, story operation and pa..

  • Joe Sebastien
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    willing to work for part-time for little to no cash, i have legal copies of RPG Maker MV, VX Ace and Game Character Hub: PF edition. i have a small amount of experiences in parallaxe mapping but not m..

    Category: Production Creative Writing
  • Jeremy Frame
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    I have been a free lance graphics designer for several years. I am proficient with flash, as well as Photoshop. I would love to get in to coding. But I mostly want my work to be featured in something ..

    Category: Art, Animation, & Writing IllustrationCreative Writing
  • Bacon Fightingham
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    salty idea machine thing | trying to gamedev | mostly screaming inside

  • James Yarrison
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    Freelancer writer, game designer - narrative, mechanics, balance, UI/UX, monetization, what have you - and general facilitator. I can tell you what to make, or help you figure out how to make what yo..

    Category: Design Creative Writing
  • Kage Gfx
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  • Kris S.
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    Germany  Category: Production Creative Writing
  • John Jeric Pasiolan
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    Philippines  Category: Art, Animation, & Writing Creative Writing
  • Torrance Rodriguez
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    Category: Art, Animation, & Writing Sub Category: Art, Animation, & Writing Creative WritingIllustration
  • Drew Gallagher
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    I'm a J->E translator (English native) with JLPT N1 qualifications. I have also completed multiple localization patches of 100k+ character scripts solo. Up until now I've mainly worked on fan-patches..

    Japan  Category: Production Creative Writing