How It Works

Kimochi Classifieds is a platform for developers to find talent, or for talented job seekers to sync up with developers who need help completing their game. The site is completely free to use and was created with one goal in mind - to grow the adult gaming industry.


Looking for talent to help you complete your game?

  1. Post a job that freelancers can explore or discover the profiles of freelancers with a large range of skill, talent and professionalism.
  2. Create an account to connect with people around the world to find the absolute best quality freelancers for your projects.
  3. Hire quality freelancers on your own terms and without any extra fees or payments and see your projects come to life!


Want to diversify your portfolio as a freelancer?

  1. Create a profile and show off all your skills and talents.
  2. Search for job postings that match your skills.
  3. Get contacted, get to work, and get paid!


Please note that Kimochi Classifieds is not responsible for any payment processing. It is up to both parties to determine the best method to complete the terms and agreement of each job.